Westside Village Magnet Elementary School

February 2019 marked the fourth year working with the amazing students and faculty. From Pen & Ink workshops to creating Burlap People with hundreds of characters and stories.  Precious time.

2014 Opening for the new wing of the St. Charles Cancer Center

A two and a half month exhibit. Thirty-six of my students took part with their art represented along the hallways of the diagnostic center. Each child, ages 5-16, generously loaned their personal healing art for this event.  

2014-15 Oregon Family Support Network (OFSN)

After a summer on the walls of Bend's City Hall and then over a year at Deschutes County Services Building the Through the Eyes of Our Children 8-piece Collection is home at OFSN's Bend office.  This collection was created by forty children who've utilized children’s foundations in our community. It was also shown on the lawn of the State Capital for Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day on May 7th 2015. 

2014-15 First Fridays Downtown Bend

Students have had their works exhibited at Powell’s Sweet Shoppe, Leapin’ Lizards and Townshend’s Tea House in downtown Bend.   FRED Real Estate also hung 25 works of art at their downtown Bend office before they moved. 

Partners In Care / Camp Courage

Learn your theories well, but lay them aside when you touch the reality of the living soul.
— Carl Jung

Summer 2019 will mark our fourth collaboration over the past nine years. Love it. Enabling over 50 children to express their feelings through hands on workshops incorporating pint-sized Silhouette self-portraits, Burlap People and Expression In Form Sculptures. These were very personalized sculptures and pieces that incorporated deep emotional content from the children.

2011 - 2013 City Walls at City Hall

Unique art exhibitions pairing artists with local organizations to interpret their contribution to community through art.  I participated in four shows and was paired with the Bend Parks and Recreation Department, Bend Science Station, 1000 Friend of Oregon, and the businesses on Block 10 of Bond Street. Each exhibit spanned 3-6 months.  Sponsored by the City of Bend Arts, Beautification and Culture Commission.

2011 Young artists philanthropy / Brownie Troops #50717 and #50074

Young artists creating a group art piece with the end objective being to gift the artwork. Recipients of the artworks were the KIDS Center and Bend’s Community Center.

2010 Miller Elementary Artist in Residence

Structured collaboration over a month. 19 classrooms with over 400 children participated. Each classroom created a Tree of Life. Wow.